Episode 2

Published on:

21st Mar 2023

War of the Worlds with Ferd, Scott, and Alex

Tune into the second episode of the Cyber Tuesday podcast, where Ferd, Scott, and Alex explore the overlaps and gaps between Performance, Automation and Security Testing.

Hear their specialist perspectives as they discuss real-life examples and the day-to-day battles they fight due to siloed thinking, misguided root cause analysis, and other factors.

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Cyber Tuesday | Security Podcast
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Join Ferdi and guests as they discuss hot topics in cybersecurity and share insights, commentary, and advice to help business leaders and IT professionals.

Ferdinand Hagethorn heads the cybersecurity practice for global leader in quality engineering, Planit. He is highly experienced in providing executive teams and IT leaders with CISO-level strategies and advice to improve their cybersecurity posture.